Workship Time

Monday To Thursday :7.00 am To 11.00 am
Friday To Sunday :7.30 am To 11.30 am
Evening 5pm TO 8.30pm

[The Only Schedule Time allowed For darshan. Their is a changes in schedule Time during the Temple Festival]

About Us

      Thiruvadhigai or Thiripuravadhigai as it was originally known is a village between Panruti and Cuddalore. It is believed that Lord Vishnu became the Saram (arrow) for Lord Shiva to burn down the Tiripurandhakas and hence is called Saranarayana Perumal.This is the place where Shiva worshipped him after burning down the Tiripurandakas and hence the place is called Tiripuravadhigai.

      Saranarayana perumal is found in Kalyana Thirukkolam with Sridevi thaayar (no Boodevi) as he married the daughter of Margandeya maharishi here . The goddess is called Hemambujavalli and the Utsavar is called Govinda Vinnagarappan.

      The most unique feature of Saranarayana Perumal Koil is that it is only here that we find Lord Narasimha in a sleeping posture as Sayana Narasimha with Goddess Lakshmi at his feet.Lord Mahavishnu is found as Ranganathar in several temples and we also find Lord Shiva in a sleeping posture in Suruttapalli but no where else can we see Lord Narasimha in a sleeping posture.


Saranarayana Perumal